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MINI EXPO| TastyWines"品酒荟"之欧洲葡萄酒探索之旅——亚洲站
On March 28 /30, TastyWines Asia, our high level wine event is going to take place in downtown. TastyWines Asia has invited a selection of outstanding wineries coming from across Europe for this event.

在3月28 /30日,我们高水准的“品酒荟” — 亚洲展会活动即将于市中心举行。“品酒荟” — 亚洲汇集了来自欧洲的知名葡萄酒生产商受邀参加本次展会。

Among them, Château de l’Ou, only produces organic wines, collects medals and receives the best ratings from Robert Parker. The new cuvée, Ipso Facto, was rated with the impressive score of 97.

在这些知名的展商当中,Château de l’Ou酒庄仅生产有机葡萄酒,获得多次荣誉奖章,还被全世界最具影响力的酒评家罗伯·帕克(Robert Parker)评为有机葡萄酒最佳排名。全新年份的Ipso Facto,更是获得了令人印象深刻的97高分。

From Côtes du Rhône, Domaine Chamfort, one of the most famous vineyards from the region, will showcase high-class wines from the Vacqueras, Rasteau and Côtes du Rhône Villages Séguret appellations. Located at the foothills of the Dentelles de Montmirail, this vineyard is a patchwork of different terroirs, giving authenticity and unique wines.

来自罗纳河谷的尚福尔酒庄,是该地区最著名的葡萄园之一,也将在展会中呈现瓦格拉斯(Vacqueras),拉斯托(Rasteau), 罗讷河谷村庄级塞古勒(Séguret)法定产区优质上等的佳酿。这片由多样性土壤混合而成的葡萄园掩映在塞古勒村庄,背靠着著名的唐岱尔德蒙米瑞山,产出最原始和独特口感的葡萄酒。

DHD Vinologie, discoverer of fine wines, brings to you the special cuvée Pierre-Henri Fabre, which has been produced to celebrate this prominent French entomologist. You will discover  a very attractive and unique wine.

DHD Vinologie酒庄,专注精品酒的探索者。带给您别致的年份酒皮埃尔- 亨利法布尔(Pierre-Henri Fabre)。这是为了庆祝这位著名的法国昆虫学家生产的。在这里您将挖掘品鉴到非常迷人和特别的葡萄酒。

From Bordeaux, you will discover traditional and tailor-made wines to fit your market and the expectations of your clients, with Maison Sichel and AXXANT.

在波尔多地区的Maison Sichel和AXXANT酒庄,传统且量身定制的葡萄酒为您打开无限市场,满足各种客户们的期望和需求,

If you’re a fan of Italian wines, you will be surprised by our top Italian wineries coming to meet you. One of the best Amarone, and also Barbera d’Asti, Moscato d’Asti, are a part of our delightful Italian wines.

如果您是意大利葡萄酒的爱好者,在这里有能让您眼前一亮的顶级意大利酒庄等着您。堪称最佳之一的便是在意大利独有的本土葡萄生产的阿马洛(Amarone)和阿斯蒂-巴贝拉(Barbera d’Asti)地区的葡萄酒,是此次意大利顶级葡萄酒中令人愉悦的一部分。

And we have also selected for you one of the best wineries from Portugal. The vineyard is located near Lisboa and offers Family boutique wines ranging from popular to premium.


As a wine  professional, and wine lover, you know that the best way to promote a wine is to taste it and handle the bottles. On March 28 /30, TastyWines will be the place to be. You cannot miss this unique opportunity to develop your wine catalogue, discover new wines and make significant professional meetings in your very own city.

作为一名葡萄酒专业人士和葡萄酒爱好者,都知道最佳推广一款葡萄酒最好的方法就是品尝它并亲自感受。在3月28 /30日,”品酒荟“展会活动中就是能品鉴这些酒酿佳品的好地方。不可错过这个极好的机会来开发扩大您的葡萄酒目录,发现新酒,并与展商间直接而有意义的专业会议交流。

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